Heather Harman

Life Coach • Career Guide • Family Coach


There’s nothing wrong with saying “I’m stuck and could use some help!” -- in fact, that brave and honest admission might also illuminate your path to a solution.

My name is Heather Harman. My coaching services take many forms, including life coach, career coach, and family coach, but my mission remains the same -- helping people get from a place of frustration to their desired destination. I work with clients in person in Seattle and around the world via phone and video chat. My work is informed by my other roles in life, as a parent, an educator, an activist, and a woman on a never ending search for meaning, connection, expression, knowledge, life experiences, culinary and travel adventures, artistry, and more. I’m on a mission to empower people, serve my LGBTQIA+ community, and help kids reach their full potential by helping parents reach theirs.

Improve Communication Skills • Repair Broken Communication Channels 

 Boost Creativity • Balance Your Work, Family and Personal Lives 

 Manage Obligations and Expectations • Realize Your True Potential


That’s a brief overview of my story… what’s yours? Contact me today to discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit.

EMAIL: heather.harman@fireflycoaching.net

PH: 206-227-0625